ACES Keeps Students Connected

Aventura City of Excellence School (ACES) is committed to preparing their students with the skills necessary to succeed in a truly global and connected world. Students must be equipped to meet the needs of an uncertain job market with endless possibilities of currently unknown careers. Because of this commitment they will be implementing many technology-based opportunities to their student body in the upcoming school year.

They will continue as a “Google for Education” school, to provide their students with avenues for development in collaboration, critical thinking, curation, communication and creativity. They will also be implementing the cutting-edge technology offered by Nearpod to students in fourth through eighth grades.

These programs will allow students to engage in blending learning opportunities that extend well beyond the traditional classroom. Students are offered a variety of online activities ranging from participating in virtual reality field trips to receiving real time feedback from their teachers.

“We are very excited that this year our fifth-grade students will pilot a 1:1 program using Dell Chromebooks. Each fifth grader will be assigned a specific Chromebook to use during the school day allowing teachers to enrich and infuse their lessons with technology and amplify student voice and choice,” says Ms. Matamoros, ACES Middle School US History Teacher. “Our goal is for the 1:1 program to not only increase engagement but encourage our students to become increasingly active learners.”

This year ACES has invested in a full live production studio with a dedicated green screen room to be used for the new Digital Communications program. The elective class will be offered to middle school students. 

“Through this innovative program, students will be prepared to take on new opportunities that are just starting to emerge in the business world, as well as give them the critical thinking skills necessary for the jobs that don’t exist yet,” says Frida Lapidot, ACES Digital Communications Teacher. “Using all of the latest in digital communications technology and methodology, we will form meaningful connections between our staff, students, parents and our community.” 

Elizabeth Cooper, ACES Fifth Grade Reading & Language Arts Teacher, sums it up by saying, “As educators, it gives us the opportunity to engage our students in new and innovative ways.  The students are so excited and the best part is, we’re learning to use these program applications together, which makes it a collaborative effort between teachers and students.”

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