A Parent’s Job in Nurturing their Child’s Potential

By Alexandra Fincheltub, Class of 2018

Preparing for school, whether it be in preschool or high school, plays an important role in fostering a strong foundation for a child’s education. Such preparation has a positive influence in every way. Sure, it’s important to have all the notebooks and markers from the back-to-school shopping list stowed inside backpacks for the start of the term, but inspiring a positive attitude about learning can define how your children see their time at school and their promise within.

The task of inspiring enthusiasm about learning in your child – from toddler to teen – can prove to be very difficult. It calls for active participation from both parent and child, as well as applying strategies that will further help a child embrace talent, interests and the many opportunities to be discovered at school.

Several methods can encourage and motivate an interested mind:

  • Starting conversations and debates at home that make kids think:

These discussions can focus on almost anything – current events, trivia, media – from emotional to fact-based topics. Such dialogue allows the student to develop skills while instilling confidence and interest in participating in these kinds of discussions at school.

  • Small and simple activities that are enchanting for your child’s mind:

Supporting daily reading, playing video or board games, or sparking imagination through creative activities all nurture a positive view of learning and education.

While these methods seem small, the results can be tremendous and influence the choices children make at school and for the rest of their lives as they grow.

It is important to remember that students spend more of their day at school than they do at home. Choosing a school that inspires your child to discover passions and maximize potential is the most important part of the preparation process. Developing a lifelong love for learning starts at home and is nurtured at school.

Alexandra Fincheltub is a high school senior at Scheck Hillel Community School with her eye on college for the fall. She is an AP Scholar, president of the school’s Books Across Borders Club and a member of the Tri-M Music Honors Society. She was awarded a superior ranking for her performance on the clarinet for the 2018 Solo & Ensemble, and she is on the writing staff of the Roar Post, the school’s student newspaper. In her spare time, Alexandra loves to read a new book or watch a movie.

From early childhood through Grade 12, Scheck Hillel educates and inspires students to become exemplary global citizens with enduring Jewish identity and values through an individualized college preparatory curriculum highlighted by STEM and design, Capstone, college dual enrollment, arts, athletics and service learning. Its 14 acres include a 115,000-sq.-ft athletic complex with additional academic expansion plans. Scheck Hillel is one of the world’s largest Jewish community day schools and a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. For information, please visit eHillel.org.

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